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Great Aussie Roadtrip

Posted in Sydney Adventure, Travels on Sunday, February 15, 2009 by Syazana

I’m off again.

This time for The Great Aussie Roadtrip.

First to Brisbane. Then to Gold Coast. Off to Melbourne and a drive along the Great Ocean Road back to Sydney.

Hopefully all goes well. No more flashfloods and bushfires.


See u guys next month.

Now I know why I was looking forward to coming back.

Cos I miss the girls too much. I really missed the laughters and craziness.

And since Malcolm (Tessy) is back, we are a complete family!

Welcome back Malcolm (X)!


Its THE DAY!!!

Posted in Dreams, Food, Friends, Fun, Happy, Travels on Saturday, July 5, 2008 by Syazana

OMG! It’s less than 12 hours before I will be at the airport to check in my baggages.
And it has been such a great week.
I will try and continuing updating my blog alrite.
But I doubt I can do so for the next 2 weeks as we might not have internet connection just as yet.
This post will just be about pictures.

There will be no J.Co in Aussie only Krispy Kreme.
So we, those flying off, went out for a What-Cannot-Be-Found in the Land Downunder Food Hunt.

These People I Will Miss SO much.
Thank U all.

My Best Friend for 5 years and counting.
Babe, take care k…
I will definitely miss u so so much.

My Lambiz.
Gals we will be complete by next year when all of us are back in Spore.

The Senoritas.
Here’s to 10 years of friendship and counting!

RT 0501
Take care my beautiful classmates.

My Darling Girls…
Oh gosh! I am so gonna miss all those tanning and bitching sessions with u babes.

And Oh My!
Tears always well up in my eyes when thinking of not being with them for a year.
I really do not know how I am gng to survive without my BESTEST PEEPS by my side.
Aisyah, Nazrul, Hidayah, Rezuan.
Everyday I thank Allah for having u guys!!!
Pls pls pls take care.
And don’t forget me k…

Of course, there is Andik Irwan.
Which I do not have a photo of.
But thanks for all the advice and providing a listening ear to my endless complaints.
Take care and wish u all the best.

And lastly,
My Bestest Friend, Abdul Halim Rashid.
Thank YOU for everything!
I know we had some quite major issues the other day.
But I am really glad that we talked it all out.
I am really sorry for acting so hastily and hurting you so much.
I will definitely miss you. No doubt abt it.
But U will miss me more kan?? Haha…
I know U will always pray for me.
And U will always defintely be in my prayers and thoughts every single day.
Stay strong k… I know u will.
If u feel sad, remember Our Song, High by Lighthouse Family.


My Favourite Picture from yesterday’s lepak.
See I told u she needs to pay for bus fare.


Trying to do an imitation of that Ramen Ten Rila Melati ad-vert.

Aper je…

Thanks so much for dinner.
We wanted to have Indian food but in the end we had Jap food instead.

And look what we found while late-night shopping at Mustafa Centre.

Halal Luncheon Meat??!!!

It’s actually vegetarian. But I don’t think I would eat it.

And Look what Aisyah and Nazrul got me.

Oh these 2 just knew what I needed and wanted the most.
According to Nazrul, so that I won’t be Bacin in Aussie.
So sweet lah the 2 of u.

This is the Best of the Best lah….

I still cannot believe it!!!

Isn’t it so LAWA!!!!
Halim got it, just for me….
It’s a Fossil Watch, all for me!
Gosh! Ask him…
I couldn’t stop smiling the whole night lah.
Thank YOU so so so so much….
Loves Loves Loves…

So my present to you is this…

We shall fly High one day….




Posted in Travels on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 by Syazana

Thank You All For Everything!
I will definitely miss all of you.

Rough and Tough @ Ubin

Posted in Friends, Fun, Happy, laughter, Travels on Thursday, June 19, 2008 by Syazana

So finally I managed to collate all the pictures from the many cameras that were clicking away that day.
Why Ubin???
 Cos we all decided to do something different.
A change from the usual Sentosa sessions and dinners.
So since we wanted an escape cum adventure.
Ubin was the way to go!!!

Day 1

We were all too excited.
We all couldn’t wait to get on that bum-boat and just sail away to Ubin.
But we had to wait for the arrival of our guest stars.

Wind in our hair and faces.
But the smile never left our faces.
Welcome to Pulau Ubin were just the words we were wanting to read for the longest time.
It took more than a week for us to confirm our reservations and attendance.
What more the logistics and planning.
So it was really great when we managed to finally set foot on Ubin.

The first thing we did was to rent ourselves some bikes.
As that was our main mode of transport around the island.
Then, it was off to check in at Marina Country Club.

After having some lunch and refreshing ourselves, off we were to explore.
We wasted no time.
The first stop was Chek Jawa.
Oh gosh!
Such beauty is Nature.
And we even saw an oil rig set to sail to its destination.
Apparently it takes at least 2 years for an oil rig to reach its destination.

We continued cycling till our asses hurt.
And our clothes soaked with perspiration.
But we were happy to push on.
Cos there was so much to see yet so little time.
And our legs were really wobbly after climbing up Ubin’s version of the Skytower.
But the view from the top made it more than worthwhile.
On a another note, those huge fishes belongs to a pond just outside our chalet.
Its like gigantic ikan Siakaps (Seabass).
And they feed on chicken bones!
When it was almost dusk, we had to send Syasya off.
Cos she wasn’t staying for the night.

We headed back to the chalet after seeing Syasya off.
Had a good dinner of Maggi mee and more junk food.
And, back to cycling again.
But this time it was only the 3 of us.
Me, Halim and Stanley.
Cos Aisyah, Rina and Naz wanted to soak their aching feet in the Jacuzzi.
Cycling at night is a totally different experience.
It can be quite scary actually.
There were times when the routes were pitch black except for our torchlights lighting the paths.
We manage to explore quite a bit though.
We went to the beach. Nordin beach if I am not mistaken.
And the NPCC Campsite.
And while cycling, we were stopped by the rangers.
They were really nice (and cute… Hehe).
They took down our details, for our safety, and chatted with us for awhile.
“You all not scared ah?? Not only the ghosts… But the wild boars as well”
And Stanley showed off his swiss army knife proudly.
“Don’t worry. I got this.”
The policemen just laughed and we went on our way.
Then after, we sat at the local coffeeshop, whose shopkeeper was drunk, and ate Pokki and Kuaci at past midnight.
Soon, we adjourned ourselves to the jetty to wait for Michelle’s arrival.
And all I have to say is that was too much gay-ness for me to see in one night.
It was really fun talking abt waxing and other gay not-to-be-mentioned stuff.
Michelle finally arrived at abt 1.30am and we headed back.
Cos I wanted to be ready for the Turkey-Switzerland match.
Superb fun watching the match and drinking hot chocolate together.
Trying our best to get the best channel.
To the extent that no one could make any sudden movements cos the image will be blurred.

Day 2

As usual, none of us woke up on time. Even when we have already set our alarms.
However, we still did take our time. Cos I requested for a late check out.
All had breakfast (or should I say lunch for some of us).
And still watched tv.
Rina, Nazrul and Aisyah didn’t join us for more cycling.
Cos Rina wasn’t feeling too well.
And so the 3 of them left Ubin at about noon.
The 4 of us told ourselves.
“Ok, come on! Let’s go… Got much more places to visit.”
But, 3 hours later….
We were still in the chalet.
We only did check out at close to 4.
And continued on our cycling.

We visited 2 quarries.
The water was so clear.
And deep.
It only took a few seconds for a piece of rock to dissappear.
Ubin was so green. Bright green!!!
And Stanley was the savior of the day.
Helped me massage my legs when it cramped and carried my backpack throughout.
Thanks Mr Nice-Guy!!!

Michelle had to leave early as well.
So after the 2 quarries, we all went for a refreshing and rejuvenating coconut drink.

While Stanley sent Michelle off to the jetty, me and Halim continued to savour our drinks.
When Stanley came back, the both of them suddenly asked me…
“Eh, you wanna go see Bob??”
“Huh?? Who is Bob??”
Then the both of them dragged me away from my drinks to take me to Bob.
They took me to see…
Bob, The Wild Boar
Bob is kinda cute, but very smelly!!!
And Bob’s owner runs like a small petting zoo.
There were rabbits and fishes too.
And water lilies….
They were so so pretty.
We still wanted to explore the island.
We were supposed to go visit an abandoned house (a nicer term for Haunted House).
But then, it was getting late and not a very good timing to go ‘hunting.’
So we decided to go and catch the sunset at the jetty.

We left the island rejuvenated and recharged.
And for me, a very sore butt.
We saw hornbills as well.
I have to say that I haven’t had enough of exploring the island.
Hearing all the stories that Halim and Stanley shared with me,
I definitely want to go back.

We then left by riding on the Sunset!
For dinner at Changi Village….

 The photos here and many many more have been uploaded to Facebook. You may also click on the collages to enlarge the photos.

A Garden Surprise

Posted in Birthdays, Family, Food, Travels on Thursday, May 15, 2008 by Syazana

This year has been a year of surprises.
Was surprised with a really good and rich choc fudge cake by my family.
It was an early birthday surprise.
Anyways, syasya is what my family calls me.


Lessons from The Kampung

Posted in Food, Travels on Friday, May 9, 2008 by Syazana

Lesson 1: How to enjoy a cool and refreshing coconut.

Step 1: Use a sharp knife and cut it open

Step 2: Drink up the delicious juice. Slurp it all!

Step 3: Cut it into half to enjoy the luscious flesh

Step 5: Spoon all that goodness and savour the taste.

Step 6: Don’t forget to pose for a picture.

And I got scolded for sleeping today.
Sleeping at 12 midnight.
Not by my aunt or my grandma.
But by this Person lah….
Halim, U know its u!!!!
And he even asked me to put the title of this post to be Syaz accidentally fell asleep and made Halim wait for an hour!!!

Sorry lah ter-tidur….
I still woke up after ur many many messages and missed calls.

And I am like only a day away from turning 22.
I want to be 21 forever and ever….


Abode of Peace

Posted in Birthdays, Family, Travels on Friday, May 2, 2008 by Syazana

So Azhar, Brunei Darussalam means Abode of Peace.

The Grandma turned 79 on the 29th of April.
Celebrated with a cake at home and a sumptuous buffet dinner then after.

And on a typical beautiful evening, its time to come out and play.