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Pierced Bellies and Aching Tummies

Posted in Friends, Loved Ones on Friday, January 16, 2009 by Syazana

Listen carefully!
Babe, now we know how u will sound like in …..

Now, I feel like getting my tragus pierced.

And after which was dinner with the classmates.
 As usual, GREAT!
Slightly more than half turned up for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at PS.
Hafiz.Tassha.Val Tock.Michelle.Nithiya.SK

Haven’t seen Hafiz since graduation and Val since the gathering just before we all left for Sydney.
What I liked best was….
Even after so long and most of them becoming working adults.
Nothing much have changed.

Sometimes in this world of constant change,
Familiarity never fails to reassure.

And now my tummy aches cos it is too full.



Posted in Friends, Fun, Loved Ones on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Syazana

For those sleepless nights,

5ml of Procodin does the trick.

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Let the Good Times Roll

Posted in Friends, Fun, Loved Ones, Party on Wednesday, December 24, 2008 by Syazana

So this is the recap of the whole month since I’ve been back.

28th November 2008
Ramen Ten Sushi Buffet with Mum and Bro

29th November 2008
Town with Hazlan and Halim
Then met up with Aisyah and Naz at Vivo to catch the fireworks.
In celebration of Vivo’s 2nd Anniversary.

2nd December 2008
Gossip Girls finally had their reunion.

3rd December 2008
Sushi buffet with Aisyah and Dewi.
And we still had space for dinner at Ayam Penyet.
Full to the max!
No sianz! Right Aisyah?

The days in between went by so fast.
Aunt’s family from Brunei arrived.
Celebrated Hari Raya Haji with the family.
Lunch and shopping with Dayah.
Pratas at 2am with the bestest peeps.
And much more….

9th December 2008 
Night Safari with the Cousins, Aunt, Bro and Bibik.

10th December 2008
Caught Muallaf at The Picturehouse, Cathay with the Bestie and Fit.
When to Mary’s place,
and watched The Little Nyonya.
I am totally addicted to that show.
After the show, Mary drove us to Coffee Bean at Serangoon Gardens.
Shared our dirty little secrets and she then drove me home.

11th December 2008
Brought the family to Sentosa.
And Halim and Hazlan so kindly came down on their off day just to accompany us.
And of course bring us around all the attractions for free….

13th December 2008
Instead of heading down to Sentosa for Zoukout,
the Lambiz decided to have a bbq instead.
This year we had it at Mary’s place.

In between,
Got addicted to Guitar Hero and Wii.
Explored Botanical Gardens.
More late night prata suppers, this time with cousins.

17th December 2008
Had lunch at Sabar Menanti, which is somewhere along Bussorah St.
Which then after, met Andik for dinner.
Thanks for the company and conversations.

18th December 2008
Happy 21st Birthday Nazrul!
Sorry didn’t celebrate it….
Everyone is so so busy.
my cousin, brother and me tried the fish spa over at Marina Square.

19th December 2008
It’s party time!
The senoritas met up to celebrate Deena’s belated 22nd.
And went to O-Bar to party the night away.

20th December 2008
Same off days for the both of them are hard to come by.
So last Sat, when so coincidentally both of them were free,
we spent some quality time together.

While waiting for the bus,
we actually witnessed an accident between a motorcycle and a car.
It was quite a major accident.
Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

none of us wanted the night to end.
So off we went to my house to play Monopoly with the cousins.

Hazlan had to leave at around 2 plus.
So my bro took over his place and literally, monopolised the whole game.

The game went on till about 4am.
Ordered Mac’s breakfast and chilled till about 5 plus in the morn.
Sent the cousins off to the airport at 7am and went marketing with Mum.

22nd December 2008
Dinner in town with Halim and Hazlan.
Town was so crowded.
It’s not very comfortable having to breathe in others’ oxygen.

23rd December 2008
Met up with Michelle, Siew Kia and Nithiya for dinner at Al-Majlis.
Wasn’t in the mood to sheesha though.
Nazrul and the rest kindly picked me up after dinner and went to Mak’s place.
I love car rides on rainy days.
Cruising along with the music blasting.
Singing along with ur bestest peeps.

Tune in next month!

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Posted in Loved Ones on Monday, December 22, 2008 by Syazana

To You whom I care for alot,

I know that you are going through a very rough patch now. It’s never easy when sickness befalls a loved one. Like how I always told you, there is always hope. And to never stop believing that things will indeed turn out for the better. You were the one who told me that Allah will only give sickness to the ones He love. And I believe that He loves your grandma a whole lot. There is no doubt about that.

Never once let your faith in Him falter. Cos He is the Almighty who has the answers to everything. To say that I know what you are going through is a cliche. Cos everyone has their own way dealing with such news. But rest assured, I will always be there every step of the way. Like how you were when I needed you the most. I know sometimes I don’t show it. I am really sorry if I’ve been temperamental and insensitive. But you do know I care. I care a whole lot.

And I am sure you know Hazlan and I love you loads. And will do anything and everything for you. You and your family are always in our prayers. And I am very sure we are not alone. There are loads out there who cares for you as well. In times like this, you will know for sure who’s there for you and who aren’t. I am not in any position to say this. But it really pains me to see you so affected by someone. Sometimes it is better to let go, although it is very difficult to. You tried your best.

You’ve always been the strong one. And for you, I shall be strong. And the Halim I know is much stronger than this. You’ve been through alot. And sometimes it doesn’t seem fair. And you tend to question the reasons why. But sometimes, the answers to these questions comes in pockets of happiness and forgiveness later in life.

So don’t give up alright. Stay strong and positive. Always remember that you’ll never walk alone.

Yours sincerely,
Syazana Mohd. Rashid