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La La La La Pizza

Posted in Sydney Adventure on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 by Syazana

So yes, Easter break is over!
And Aishah left.
It was hard to see her go.
And for a moment after she left, my room felt so empty.
But it was GREAT FUN having her.
I hope u did too, babe…
Maybe when her plans fall through,
It will be her turn to play host. InsyaAllah

Port Stephen was AWESOME!!!!
We went horse-riding, slid down the massive sand dunes and chased after dolphins.
Beautiful beautiful beach. Might even be better than Surfer’s Paradise, I must say.
And Aishah managed to capture it all in her semi-pro Panasonic Lumix. Now I am tempted to get a semi-pro myself.
Oh and of course, no roadtrip would be complete without singing our hearts out with the windows down.
Oooo….Scary ghost stories on the drive back at night.

It hardly feels like the mid-terms are here.
Just completed a paper today.
And another on Mon.

Even then, dinner today was good.
Went over to Ashraf’s place at Arncliffe.
Cooked for us 3 different kinds of pizza and a traditional favourite, Roti John.
It was reaaallly Good! Handy to have a professional chef around huh…
Ended the night by scaring ourselves silly watching Coming Soon and Dead Silence.
I’ve always hated dolls and I still do!

And Yani, the Finnish, added chilli sauce to his coffee. WTH!
We all just stared at him. Luckily dinner was almost over.
And random fact of the day: Finnish is the second most difficult language, after Mandarin.

Oooo… The locals (Aussies) actually thought that the Singaporean accent is a joke.
One of my classmates, Nas, was telling us how he found the sitcom Under One Roof really funny and he thought that the accent was on purpose. So we had to burst the bubble and told him that that was how most Singaporeans speak. Singlish!

The weekend is here. No school till Mon. It’s Anzac Day this coming Sat. We might be heading to the city to see a march. But Yum Cha at Newtown is confirmed. Hopefully, Noorul and the rest will be able to join us. A long overdued meet-up.

So many things to do, explore, experience and so little time left! Dang!


Palatable Delights

Posted in Sydney Adventure on Thursday, April 9, 2009 by Syazana

It’s been good. No doubt.
It’s the start of the week long Easter holidays.
And started it off with having dinner at TOKO.
Fancy-schmancy shenanigan!

Week 6 is over and done with 1 proposal, 2 presentations and 1 test. Whee!
And I am only left with 8 more weeks in Guildford.
Will really MISS this home and the pple in and around it.
And then we’re (me and tsh, at least) off to Brisbane for 6 weeks for our clinical placement.

Bro came and left. Diana came and left. Recommended reading for the day.
And Aishah is on her way here!!! Literally, as we speak.
Arriving in Sydney at 0700hrs.
I really hope the weather’s kind tmr (or in fact, today).
Cos Bondi is on the itinerary.

Woohoo! I don’t have to touch my books and notes. Ok, at least not for the next few days.
Port Stephen’s on the agenda.
Coupled with Lots of photography!
And shopping!
And hours and hours of taiti.

Some people are missed!
Talking to those 2 boys makes me go frustrated, angry and loved all at the same time.
4-5 way conference is super addictive!
With Aisyah and me always caught in between.
More pls!