Beginning of the End


It’s the first week of uni. The beginning of the last semester. And that means summer hols is over! Yes, 3 whole months just whizzed past. Damn! I want it back.

That being said! It’s also the beginning of the end of our Sydney adventure.

The roadtrip was total awesomeness. As most of u have already seen from the tons of pics uploaded on FB.

Anyways, there is a total of 11 academic weeks this sem. Not including easter break, stuvac(study vacation) and clinicals. 6 weeks of clinicals will then officially mark the end of this adventure. Time-table is relaxed but kinda sucky. Cos on Mon I only have an hour of lecture. So I have to spent $4.80 on the train ride and a further $0.90 for the bus (and that is if I walk to the station after sch). Not a very good investment aite! As usual, no sch on Fri. A relatively short day on Tues. And manageable Weds and Thurs.

Projects and assessments are all coming in. One due next week alr. But no more holding back for this sem. It’s charge ahead full steam now! It’s the final sem! Gosh… Feels so surreal typing that out.

Bro is coming over this Sat. Staying for abt a week. And of course, it’s Mardi Gras! Woohoo…. Yay! To gay rights! 

And it is the month of March! The month where all the Aisyah(s) and Aishah is born in.

Hopefully, get to visit Makcik Nad in Adelaide soon. One of these weekends, when I am not caught up.  

And I really hope she will come to Sydney during the Easter break! Nad… I know u’re reading this! hehe… 

What a lazy thur this has been!

And i hope it goes back to how it was! I miss the 3 of us!


One Response to “Beginning of the End”

  1. eh halloo.. wat is this?! LOL! see how k? lol!!!

    wooohoooo to gay rights?! LOL!

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