This post is all about being random. It isn’t (maybe is) going to be 25 random things. I don’t feel like doing it on Facebook. So that’s why I am doing it here. 
Believe me! It’s totally random shit. 
And no worries, no one is going to get tagged.

And it shall begin….

1) I am still wide awake despite having less than 6 hours of sleep in 2 days. I blame it on the time difference and daylight savings.

2) From the victim, I became the bitch. Oh well… Life’s a bitch isn’t it. Maybe I am getting used to it. How do u do it? Time and time again. Gosh! Nevermind… I don’t think I will like the consequences if I were to say anything more.

3) Unlike the last departure, I was actually looking forward to coming back to Sydney. And no! It’s not because of the Brisbane- Melbourne- Sydney upcoming roadtrip.

4) I swear I am going to love and treasure every moment I have left here. Ups and downs. 

5) Really glad to be home with my sisters-from-a-different-father-and-mother. Hugged Dewi tight and determined to hug Aisyah.

6) Was quite surprised with myself that I didn’t retaliate publicly. Knowing how I hate to be wronged. But it sure feels damn good to say it all out in writing.

7) I miss my Kentals like horribly already. Nazrul. Aisyah. Hazlan. Halim…..
Don’t worry I will practise my Taiti skills and amaze u guys with it when I return.

8 ) The only regret I have is not being there with my grandma in her final days. And it hurts a whole lot! And for my mum as well… When she needs me the most. I am just glad that I got to pray beside her just before I left. And I pray that if she really has to go, I hope it will be a painless journey for her. I know my mum will be strong enough. Although deep down, I really hope my grandma will still be there when I come home. InsyaAllah! Miracles do happen.

9) I do feel guilty. I could have stayed. And all the more, I’ll be going on a holiday.

10) I concluded that I just can’t fall asleep on a plane. Not even when I am very tired.

11) I like the feeling of travelling alone. I feel so grown up.

12) Hazlan Miswan. Record holder for fastest acquaintance turned one of the impt people in my life. Less than 2 months. And I am not planning to allow anyone to break the record.

13) Actually, I am very anxious about the future. What it holds for me. And how will it turn out to be. I really do hope that you are in it.

14) I love my family a whole lot! Despite all the nagging and curfews (which works like clockwork). Even Halim can sense that ‘the call’ will come soon.

15) And yes, Halim! U’re still my bestest friend! Despite all the shit u give me sometimes (most of the time). U keep me grounded. Thank you.

16) I am addicted to monopoly. Played it with the girls tonight. And hopefully going to play it again soon! Boutique Edition yo!

17) Sydney’s weather is damn freaky lah. Dewi was just telling me how unbearably hot last weekend was. A blardy 46 degree celcius. And now, it’s freezing. Tmr’s temp is forecasted to be within 14-21 degree celcius. And mind u, it’s SUMMER!

18 ) Actually, the whole of Australia is experiencing a damn freaky summer. Half of Australia is drowning with flashfloods and the other half is burning away. Bagus ah tu!

19) Since I couldn’t sleep on the plane, I watched ‘Australia’ and ‘Four Christmases’.

20) I have always been insecure.

21) When I feel like shit and wants to cry my heart out, I take a shower.

22) I am always asking myself the question why. And somehow I get the answers from Allah. In the form of whispers to the heart. The only reason that keeps me going and have kept me strong.

23) I LOVE BACKSTREET BOYS! To the point that I can memorise their dance steps and lyrics. Nad!!!! U also kan?

24) I think these past 2 months have been the most fulfilling. I feel so close to Deena and Nad now. And have so much fun with them. And gained more trust from my parents. Allowed to stay out till quite (actually very) late.

25) I still want to go to Henderson Waves! (*Stares at Halim*). And Pulau Ubin (*again stares really hard at Halim*)

26) Haha… I made it to #25. And now I want to TRY and sleep.


One Response to “Randoms”

  1. wahahaha.. you feel closer to us now!? me is glad~~~!!

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