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Pierced Bellies and Aching Tummies

Posted in Friends, Loved Ones on Friday, January 16, 2009 by Syazana

Listen carefully!
Babe, now we know how u will sound like in …..

Now, I feel like getting my tragus pierced.

And after which was dinner with the classmates.
 As usual, GREAT!
Slightly more than half turned up for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at PS.
Hafiz.Tassha.Val Tock.Michelle.Nithiya.SK

Haven’t seen Hafiz since graduation and Val since the gathering just before we all left for Sydney.
What I liked best was….
Even after so long and most of them becoming working adults.
Nothing much have changed.

Sometimes in this world of constant change,
Familiarity never fails to reassure.

And now my tummy aches cos it is too full.



Posted in Friends, Fun, Loved Ones on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Syazana

For those sleepless nights,

5ml of Procodin does the trick.

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