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Greetings from The Land Downunder

Posted in Sydney Adventure on Saturday, August 23, 2008 by Syazana

And so it has been more than a month since my teary eyed departure.
Apologies for the long hiatus from blogging and neglecting this little web portal.
Happy to say that all’s good here in Aussie land.
School is into its 5th week.
And the workload is increasing at an alarming rate.
Albeit only having 3 days of sch each week.
However, it will soon become a 4-days week come Week 6.

Its now winter here.
And the weather is really freezing especially when it gets dark.
But sadly, the temperature is not low enough for it to snow.
The air and weather also makes ur skin really dry.
People here are generally nice.
Just that u have to constantly be on guard.
Lots of daring, creepy and weird characters are everywhere at any time of the day.
So that’s why we always go out in a group.

However, Sydney somewhat didn’t turned out how I envisioned a metropolis to be.
Ok maybe in the city.
The suburbs are just really quiet.
Some are rowdy and quite scary to be in.
Most shops closes at 5.
However, there are a few that are open till late.
Only on Thurdays are all the shops open till 9pm.

These pictures were taken during the first 2 weeks we arrived.
My parents were with me for the first week.
It was really sad to see them leave.
The 4 of us stayed at a hostel(Yannadah) in school during those 2 weeks.
On top of frantic house hunting, we did lots of sight-seeing as well.

However, those first 2 weeks tested our perseverance and stamina.
Sydney is currently having a shortage of rentals.
Thus, it was quite difficult for us to rent a home.
And the transport system here is no where near as efficient as Singapore.
We had to walk kilometres to reach our destination.
The locals are used to walking.
A half an hour walk from the train station to school is nothing to them.
But, with Allah’s help and some luck we got a really pretty brand new town house.
Our house is in a suburb called Guildford.
And it is 4 stations away from school.

It is a nice quaint suburb.
And they have loads of shops and a huge supermarket as well.
Really convenient.
With lots of halal butchers around.
A real bonus is of course a Sofra which sells really good food.
Which is owned and manned by cute Turkish guys!

These are pictures of our house.
The middle pic is a picture of my room.
Its red and black themed.
I don’t think I will ever want to live with any other people other than these beautiful ladies.
Dewi, Aisyah and Tassha
It’s amazing how we managed to pull through together.
We did it from scratch.
We had nothing with us and no one to help us.
And yet, we did it just fine.
We now have a beautiful fully equipped home.

Cooking together and enjoying dinner together.
Making silly home videos.
Experiencing good and bad situations together.
Travelling across Australia together.
Partying together.
We are a family!
And it really feels like home.

And on weekends, which ours starts on Thur night and ends Mon nights,
We are off to explore the city and indulge in good food.
Not to mention partying.

We had 2 roadtrips so far.
To Blue Mountains and Canberra.
With Tassha’s family when her parents came down to visit.
Both trips were really fun and enjoyable.
And i still shiver with joy and excitement whenever I think of the snow at Blue Mountains.
We were just so really lucky to experience it as according to the locals it only snows 4 days a year.
It was my very first time experiencing snow.
We were just so ecstatic.
That we forgot about the freezing temperatures.

 Ok, so that’s what we’ve been up to.
I hope all of u back home are safe and well.
I definitely miss all of u.
My beautiful peeps, Aishah, Andik, my lambiz(and Sally I heard u are back for good!)
My cat!, My family
And of course
Halim( Happy Bdae! So very sorry I’m not there to celebrate. Don’t be sad. Next year, I promise)

Alrite, till next time.
See ya later!