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Bila Larut Malam

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This has been another crazy yet totally rocks my socks week.

Karaoke with The Senoritas
On a fateful night,
A beautiful mother of a 2 year-old girl and 5 months old TWIN boys,
A very talented art teacher,
An accomplished para-legal soon to be lawyer,
A beauty queen with brains who is dating a rock star,
And a normal simple girl leaving for Sydney to further her studies
Came together for a night of fun and chaos.
Whom with their voices combined brought the roof of Marina Square down.

With the Beauty Queen and Para-Legal

Us with the Beautiful Mummy

And the Art Teacher

We had our very own little private party going on.
Dancing till we were all out of breaths and singing at the top of our voices.
 We sang all the songs that we use to sing back in SJC.
And Hidayah actually recorded lots of videos of us singing together in Harmony.

Thank you so much Darls!
For the presents and everything else….
It will definitely come in handy in the Land Down Under
Let’s keep our almost 10 years of friendship going strong.

FunMasque and AutoTrans Combine!
Everyone is so busy with work.
Those with full-time jobs and those who are just busy.
I realised that I laugh the hardest whenever I am with them.
Nothing seems to have changed even though most of us are working adults already.

At least I will still have them in Sydney.

Koon Wai trying to Tarik…

My Latest Scandal… Hur Hur

And I cramped 3 events in a single day yesterday.
Satisfied my Ayam Penyet craving at Lucky Plaza with Dewi and her mum.
Seriously, her mum is totally the best.
Couldn’t stop laughing lah…
And we both totally outwitted and outplayed Dewi.
And all 3 of us (Ok, it was mostly just the 2 of Us that bought most of the stuff) shopped till we literally dropped. Yelah, maklumlah… Someone just got her warm clothing allowance…Hehe
Then after the shopping spree,
Went for dinner at Swensen’s with my brother and Atiqah.
Cos I wanted to satisfy my craving for Swensen’s Black Pepper Seafood Pasta.
Then after, off I went to Bugis to meet my bestest peeps.
As usual, we lepak-ed and had lots of fun and laughter to the max.
But this time around, we drank tea and ate cheesecake at a roadside cafe.

Thanks for the web camera, Nazrul and Aisyah.
Don’t worry I won’t do a N***.

Its exactly a week to Bon Voyage.
Somehow, the fact of me going has finally sunk in.
Truthfully, I am very scared.
I am scared of the uncertainties there and for the people that I care for back home.
And cos of that I’ve been having so many emotional outbursts.
And the poor best friend had to always be the one to receive this perangai.
One minute I will be laughing and all happy… And the next min I will be all quiet and moody and not want to talk to him…
Haha… Sorry…

Been having long talks with the best friend.
Reminded me of how lucky I am to be given this opportunity.
Of how it has always been his dream to study overseas.
That I should just go with an open mind and not have second thoughts.
Only he knows the struggles that I had to go through and the amount of hard work I’ve put in all these years.
And I guess his reassurance did somehow manage to put my mind at ease.
Of how God will take care of all of us and to constanly pray that everything will be alright.

Thanks for the encouragement and support you’ve always given me, Halim.



Crazy Cravings and Addictions

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There are so many cravings and addictions that needs to be fulfilled before I leave for the land down under. And for that I am thankful I have friends who are willing to go the distance to satisfy these cravings and addictions with me.

Crazy Craving No. 1
Hajjah Maimunah Nasi Padang…..
Esp their siput sedut lemak cili padi.

Being the nice best friend Aishah is, she treated me to lunch there.
And it was kinda funny how she needed to teach me how to eat it.
As it was actually my very first time trying that dish.

Crazy Addiction No. 1
Shisha! That comes with good chilling out…

Al-Majlis was closed on that particular day.
So next place in mind would be Ambrosia.
Nice ambience, but I guess I shall still stick with Al-Majlis.

And there was a guest appearance on that day!

Crazy Craving No. 2
And also to see Cikgu….

We had so much fun catching up with Cikgu.
It was like Hari Raya came early.
And Haziq is so cute and grown up alr.

Crazy Addictions No. 3
Heart-warming Conversations With a Good Friend
And before that meet-up at Cikgu’s place,
It was crazy addiction for meet-up with a really good friend.
We spent like almost 3 hours just talking abt everything in general over lunch and tea.
A meet-up with Andik is always very enlightening and somehow I really felt as if God is really telling me all the answers I need through him.
My heart really felt so much lighter after.
Thanks so much Andik Irwan….

Crazy Addiction No. 4
 Purple FireFlies!!!
And the best part is my bro is part of the 4-piece band.
They are full of talent and love. Haha…

My loving Brother (who still never fails to irritate me all day).
With his beloved Fender Bass…
The whole family is damn proud of U!!!!
Now that u have written a song for Tiqs, how about a song for the greatest sister u have ever known….

Crazy Addiction No. 5
KTM Food Centre with the Bestest Peeps
This will definitely be missed.
Esp My Ariel Look-Alike.

But I will definitely miss the company even more.
A friendship so pure and true.
Where we go through ups and downs together.
And Nazrul, u look good without hair.

Crazy Addiction No. 6
The Sun, Sand and Sea at the Beautiful Aman Sentosa
Feeling the sea breeze in your hair
The sun shining on your skin
Burying ur feet in the sand.
Enjoying all of these with one of your girlfriends…

Crazy Addiction and Craving
Shopping and Anderson’s Ice Cream

And I finally got to satisfy my craving for Anderson’s Ice Cream.
Belgian Chocolate Milk Shake
Danish Nougat
Mocha Almond Fudge
Belgian Chocolate Chip
Heavenly to the lips….
Too busy indulging to even take a picture.

And I still have cravings to eat at Simpang Bedok and for the Black Pepper Steak at Mak’s Place.
And for karaoke sessions, more shisha and partying….

11 more Days to Bon Voyage!


Turkish Delights

Posted in Football on Saturday, June 21, 2008 by Syazana

Turkey is through to the semi-finals!!!!

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Rough and Tough @ Ubin

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So finally I managed to collate all the pictures from the many cameras that were clicking away that day.
Why Ubin???
 Cos we all decided to do something different.
A change from the usual Sentosa sessions and dinners.
So since we wanted an escape cum adventure.
Ubin was the way to go!!!

Day 1

We were all too excited.
We all couldn’t wait to get on that bum-boat and just sail away to Ubin.
But we had to wait for the arrival of our guest stars.

Wind in our hair and faces.
But the smile never left our faces.
Welcome to Pulau Ubin were just the words we were wanting to read for the longest time.
It took more than a week for us to confirm our reservations and attendance.
What more the logistics and planning.
So it was really great when we managed to finally set foot on Ubin.

The first thing we did was to rent ourselves some bikes.
As that was our main mode of transport around the island.
Then, it was off to check in at Marina Country Club.

After having some lunch and refreshing ourselves, off we were to explore.
We wasted no time.
The first stop was Chek Jawa.
Oh gosh!
Such beauty is Nature.
And we even saw an oil rig set to sail to its destination.
Apparently it takes at least 2 years for an oil rig to reach its destination.

We continued cycling till our asses hurt.
And our clothes soaked with perspiration.
But we were happy to push on.
Cos there was so much to see yet so little time.
And our legs were really wobbly after climbing up Ubin’s version of the Skytower.
But the view from the top made it more than worthwhile.
On a another note, those huge fishes belongs to a pond just outside our chalet.
Its like gigantic ikan Siakaps (Seabass).
And they feed on chicken bones!
When it was almost dusk, we had to send Syasya off.
Cos she wasn’t staying for the night.

We headed back to the chalet after seeing Syasya off.
Had a good dinner of Maggi mee and more junk food.
And, back to cycling again.
But this time it was only the 3 of us.
Me, Halim and Stanley.
Cos Aisyah, Rina and Naz wanted to soak their aching feet in the Jacuzzi.
Cycling at night is a totally different experience.
It can be quite scary actually.
There were times when the routes were pitch black except for our torchlights lighting the paths.
We manage to explore quite a bit though.
We went to the beach. Nordin beach if I am not mistaken.
And the NPCC Campsite.
And while cycling, we were stopped by the rangers.
They were really nice (and cute… Hehe).
They took down our details, for our safety, and chatted with us for awhile.
“You all not scared ah?? Not only the ghosts… But the wild boars as well”
And Stanley showed off his swiss army knife proudly.
“Don’t worry. I got this.”
The policemen just laughed and we went on our way.
Then after, we sat at the local coffeeshop, whose shopkeeper was drunk, and ate Pokki and Kuaci at past midnight.
Soon, we adjourned ourselves to the jetty to wait for Michelle’s arrival.
And all I have to say is that was too much gay-ness for me to see in one night.
It was really fun talking abt waxing and other gay not-to-be-mentioned stuff.
Michelle finally arrived at abt 1.30am and we headed back.
Cos I wanted to be ready for the Turkey-Switzerland match.
Superb fun watching the match and drinking hot chocolate together.
Trying our best to get the best channel.
To the extent that no one could make any sudden movements cos the image will be blurred.

Day 2

As usual, none of us woke up on time. Even when we have already set our alarms.
However, we still did take our time. Cos I requested for a late check out.
All had breakfast (or should I say lunch for some of us).
And still watched tv.
Rina, Nazrul and Aisyah didn’t join us for more cycling.
Cos Rina wasn’t feeling too well.
And so the 3 of them left Ubin at about noon.
The 4 of us told ourselves.
“Ok, come on! Let’s go… Got much more places to visit.”
But, 3 hours later….
We were still in the chalet.
We only did check out at close to 4.
And continued on our cycling.

We visited 2 quarries.
The water was so clear.
And deep.
It only took a few seconds for a piece of rock to dissappear.
Ubin was so green. Bright green!!!
And Stanley was the savior of the day.
Helped me massage my legs when it cramped and carried my backpack throughout.
Thanks Mr Nice-Guy!!!

Michelle had to leave early as well.
So after the 2 quarries, we all went for a refreshing and rejuvenating coconut drink.

While Stanley sent Michelle off to the jetty, me and Halim continued to savour our drinks.
When Stanley came back, the both of them suddenly asked me…
“Eh, you wanna go see Bob??”
“Huh?? Who is Bob??”
Then the both of them dragged me away from my drinks to take me to Bob.
They took me to see…
Bob, The Wild Boar
Bob is kinda cute, but very smelly!!!
And Bob’s owner runs like a small petting zoo.
There were rabbits and fishes too.
And water lilies….
They were so so pretty.
We still wanted to explore the island.
We were supposed to go visit an abandoned house (a nicer term for Haunted House).
But then, it was getting late and not a very good timing to go ‘hunting.’
So we decided to go and catch the sunset at the jetty.

We left the island rejuvenated and recharged.
And for me, a very sore butt.
We saw hornbills as well.
I have to say that I haven’t had enough of exploring the island.
Hearing all the stories that Halim and Stanley shared with me,
I definitely want to go back.

We then left by riding on the Sunset!
For dinner at Changi Village….

 The photos here and many many more have been uploaded to Facebook. You may also click on the collages to enlarge the photos.

Heart of The Matter

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And so we are all back safely from Ubin.
And it was a total re-charge for me, at least.
Got to spend time with the closest friends.
And made great new friends as well.

My body is still aching from 2 full days of cycling.
Uphill and downhill.

More about the trip when I get more pictures.

today’s blog post is inspired from the movie Sex and the City.
It’s just a great movie to watch.
But what is so special is that its theme song is one of my favourite songs.
One of the many songs that got me through a very rough patch.
India Arie was like my best friend during those horrible cried-till-my-eyes-went-dry moments.

When Wings of Forgiveness and Heart of the Matter came on during the movie.
All the memories started flooding back.

Something in me is telling me to hold on.
That it will be worthwhile at the end of it.

Something in me is still holding me back.

I just want to get on with Life.
I am just tired of wondering about the future.

As for now,
I am happy.
I want to at least spend the last few weeks I have left in Spore with all the dearest pple near me.

I am excited yet nervous.
I am raring to go yet reluctant to leave.

I am happy yet sad.

I Like to Colour

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A hiatus from blogging can simply mean that alot is happening at once.
And thanks to my personal time-checker, Dewi, it would be 25 days before we all leave on a jetplane.
And don’t even start with the airplane tickets.
I am glad that the whole fiasco with the airlines and agent is over.
The people at work has never seen that side of me.
And I reckon you don’t want to see it either.
Not good when Syaz does not get what she wants after paying for it.

So here goes…
 A whole long week of events.
Be geared up for a long post with lots of pics.

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