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Another Chapter Closed

Posted in Family, Food, Friends, Fun, Happy, Love, School on Friday, May 30, 2008 by Syazana

Another closure to another chapter in the book of life.
Feelings of relieve and sadness all mixed up in a single bowl.
I truly did enjoy my time in NYP.
And I would not have changed a single bit about it.
I am glad that I took up the challenge of going against the norm.
 And restricted my career path to a single narrow path.
And having to explain numerous times to relatives that it is indeed a course that requires ‘A’ Levels.

All these came to a worthwhile ending on the 22.05.2008.

I had flashbacks of my time in NYP as I was going up the stage to collect my diploma.
And unlike my time in CJC,
The flashbacks were mostly happy ones.
And that jubilant feeling of shaking hands and finally holding what you have been working so hard for in your hands.

But I guess it was the presence of my parents at the ceremony that really made me had a no-words-could-describe-how-I-felt.
Although it would have been complete if my brother, who had school, and the best friend, who had to fly, had been there among the audience as well.
But I am just really glad for having my parents there.
Especially my dad.
Although he didn’t congratulated me outrightly,
I could see how proud he was.
And I am glad that I learnt from Tassha.
To ask my mum to open my awards for me.
That they are not mine entirely.
But theirs as well.

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It’s been too long

Posted in Birthdays, Friends, Fun, Happy on Monday, May 26, 2008 by Syazana

This has definitely been the busiest 2 weeks ever.
Back to back tours.
Shopping for graduation. 

And I really had a great great birthday week.
With all the dinners and celebrations.
Thank you all so much.

So since I could finally sit down and breathe a little.
I shall update this little insignificant web portal of mine.

And so 2 Fridays ago, I had another birthday dinner.
This time with Aishah and Halim.
Thank you both for the time and the present too.
Seriously great food and having dinner at Mak’s Place just made me really miss the many family dinners I had there.
I just really hope we can go back there again as a family.

Kailan with Beef

Tom Yam Soup

And Sirloin Steak and Cereal Prawns

And that’s not the end of the night for me.
I had to travel from Eunos all the way to Queenstown for a bbq with my classmates.
Although, by the time I arrived the bbq was over.
I am still really glad that I managed to hang out with them and catch up.
It has been so long since we last updated each other about our lives. 

Truly an enjoyable night.
And we were having too much fun in the car that Guan Da missed the exit.
And we had to make a big round to send Siew Kia back.

On a totally different note,
Sometimes I feel that this heart of mine is like a foreign object to me.
Something that has a mind on its own.
I  truly do not understand its feelings and actions.
Although it has the total power over the decisions that I make.

I truly am very sorry.
No one knows how sorry I am.
And I am such a coward to not be able to actually say it to the person. 

Fun in the Sun

Posted in Beach, Friends, Fun on Friday, May 16, 2008 by Syazana

We had joy
We had fun
We had seasons in the sun

When all the birds are singing in the sky
Now that summer is here to stay
Pretty girls are everywhere
Think of me and I’ll be there

Remember those silly book of facts that we all read as a child.
And they stated that we can’t lick our elbows.
Well Syasya can prove them totally wrong!!!

And while we were frolicking on the beach
We spotted a man-man (term given by syasya).
And we girls couldn’t stop giggling lah
And it totally didn’t help that he kept smiling as he walked past us.
But then when we saw him again at coffee bean,
Our perfect image of a man-man totally wasted.

What was he even thinking man!

Well a day totally well spent.
A day spent at Sentosa can really rejuvenate you.
Although now the bottle of aloe vera gel is my best friend.
As you can see how burnt I am.


Caught by Surprise!!!

Posted in Birthdays, Food, Friends, Fun, Happy, laughter, Party on Thursday, May 15, 2008 by Syazana

The people that made it all happen!!!

And dinner after with Dewi, Aisyah, Tassha, Naz and Huda was amazing too.

I am actually at a loss for words.
There are no words that could ever express my gratitude for everything.
Sometimes, I wonder what have I done to deserve such amazing people.
Who even though were tired from work and lived far away came to make me smile.
People who actually took the time, effort, money and made sacrifices just for my happiness.

Thank you to one and all.
Thank you for making me feel so special.

And Chris, thanks for the postcard all the way from Sweden.
I will try and google and find out the meaning of those Swedish words.

I can never thank God enough for these friends. And I mean every single one of you.

A Garden Surprise

Posted in Birthdays, Family, Food, Travels on Thursday, May 15, 2008 by Syazana

This year has been a year of surprises.
Was surprised with a really good and rich choc fudge cake by my family.
It was an early birthday surprise.
Anyways, syasya is what my family calls me.


Say Goodbye 21!!!

Posted in Birthdays, Friends, Fun, Happy, laughter, Party, peace and joy on Monday, May 12, 2008 by Syazana

“Hey Shorty, it’s ur birthday!”

On the 12th of May 2008….

Yes it is!!!
This entry will be all about rejoicing today’s date on the world wide web.
Technically, it is past midnight.
But on wordpress, it is still my birthday!

Thanks all for the messages and well-wishers.
Gosh! So many and some unexpected at that….

I truly truly did enjoy myself today.
The joy of having the bestest and greatest frens arnd.

Firstly, to Nazrul, Aisyah, Dayah and Wan,
Thanks for that wonderful wonderful Surprise Party!
I was truly really surprised and I did teared abit lah…
Sikit ajer….
Thank you for the present, the goodie bags, the games and everything lah…
Thanks for even planning it and carrying all those stuff to from ntuc to sch (Aisyah and Dayah).
Thanks Naz for accompanying me to sch to collect my gown and keeping me in the dark all this while….

Thank you my also beautiful peeps….
Dewi, Tassha, Aisyah, Nazrana and Huda for dinner….
Tassha for rallying everyone and abiding by my indecisiveness…
Thank you for actually just being the way u guys are…
I am so grateful that u guys are the ones with me in Sydney.

So its Goodbye to being 21.
And Naz, I will still shop at Forever 21 even when i’m in my thirties.

I am really happy today!
Thank you everyone….

And thanks Halim for being the first to sing Happy bdae to me(on the actual day).
Both the English and Islamic version…

Pics will be up soon….



Lessons from The Kampung

Posted in Food, Travels on Friday, May 9, 2008 by Syazana

Lesson 1: How to enjoy a cool and refreshing coconut.

Step 1: Use a sharp knife and cut it open

Step 2: Drink up the delicious juice. Slurp it all!

Step 3: Cut it into half to enjoy the luscious flesh

Step 5: Spoon all that goodness and savour the taste.

Step 6: Don’t forget to pose for a picture.

And I got scolded for sleeping today.
Sleeping at 12 midnight.
Not by my aunt or my grandma.
But by this Person lah….
Halim, U know its u!!!!
And he even asked me to put the title of this post to be Syaz accidentally fell asleep and made Halim wait for an hour!!!

Sorry lah ter-tidur….
I still woke up after ur many many messages and missed calls.

And I am like only a day away from turning 22.
I want to be 21 forever and ever….