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The it word of the moment: Exams

Posted in stress on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 by Syazana

1-Aug    Radiological Informatics

2-Aug    RT Theory

3-Aug    Sonography(E-quiz)

6-Aug    Sonography

7-Aug    Behavioral Science

8-Aug    RT Technique

So enough said. Entering hibernation mode really soon. 


In Veritate Et Caritate

Posted in School on Monday, July 30, 2007 by Syazana




We are heirs of a glorious kingdom
Of treasures past ages have bestowed
Of the truth wisdom love and peace
We rejoice to proclaim and uphold
Live in Truth live in Faith and Love
Let our light spread and brighten the night
Let our flame warm all hearts and unite

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Vintage is the way to go

Posted in Vintage on Sunday, July 22, 2007 by Syazana

Virginity is a state of mind. And for everything else, there’s mastercard.

The famous line of a good friend and classmate….

Happy birthday Hafiz!

On another note, how come no one ever told me walking through the nooks and crannies of Singapore can be so exhilaratingly fun!

We walked from little india to sungei road in search of hardware shops for our final year project.

We were greeted by very interesting characters; some very helpful and friendly and some are just bitter souls.

And along the way manage to snap some pics. Vintage-ness is suddenly so appealing and nice.


Useful Junk





We left our adventure feeling intrigued by the joy that simplicity could provide. There is no need for cool shopping centres. Sungei Road has it all. The theives market…. as Indian calls it.


  The Feeling After

We did accomplised our mission and found the motors and tools that we would need for the final fabrication of our product.


An Automated Patient Transfer Device 

So we finally heaved a sigh of relief as at least we know our idea is possible. Really hope the proposal presentation goes all well this Fri. Wish me luck people!

And after walking through and searching for hours, we treated ourselves to some dessert. The Mango-Durian Ice Monster.



A walk down memory lane

Posted in Reminescent on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 by Syazana

The bare and empty plot of land.

The missing roti prata man who sells disgusting prata but still manage to garner a long queue every morning.

There are no more apeks clad only in singlet with holes drinking their kopi.

The bright orange turned creamy white block 8.

Those were all that have changed since I moved out of Joo Seng Rd.

Hasn’t gone back since we last moved out in 1999.

And was shocked to find all these when I went back today as had to do a sculpture walk for Cedar Girls’ Sec.

The bare land where my primary school, Cedar Primary, used to occupy is now a plot of empty land. It has since been renovated and moved more inwards. The block where I used to spent my primary 5 and 6 days have since been demolished. Where I used to play catching and monkey bar. Where I had my first puppy love. Where he sang ‘Quit Playing Games with my heart’ during a teachers’ day concert. Only memories now.

It was nice walking along that scenic lane. I caught myself looking out for Eewei’s house. Cedar Primary did change almost everything about itself. Totally revamped and gone are the military headquarters building. Recognised some of the bus drivers and am quite surprised that most of them have not changed much. They look almost the same.

Of course, I don’t think any of my teachers are actually still teaching. But it would be interesting to go back and visit my alma mater. One day maybe.

However, I did have an interesting tour today. Enjoyed the kids and found myself sharing more info than I usually did.

Well, I just can’t wait for the pay cheque.

And the next time I shall carry my camera around with me.

It was a day for fashion rebranded

Posted in Fashion on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 by Syazana

Yesterday was just a visual fashion faux in school.

For the past three years of being on campus, I do occasionally see a few fashion disasters amidst our presence.

But yesterday was just the climax of it all.

Was queuing up for my food ystr when Indian pointed out someone. First of all, she was wearing at least five layers of clothings. She had on a weird top which was translucent showing off her much too high black bra. A vest she was wearing wasn’t actually covering up anything and was adding on to the disastrous look. She had on a checked furry skirt with lots of trimmings. And she wore black stockings with very very hideous shoes. To top it all off, she had put on at least an entire shop worth of cosmetics on her face.

Then while we were entering the lift, out came three minahs that just made our jaws dropped. It was nothing about what they were wearing. They were wearing what any normal tertiary student would wear. T-shirts and jeans. But it was their faces. All three of them had the exact make-up done. Down to their green eyeshadow and red red cheeks. Oh my gosh, we could have spotted their cheeks all the way from the South canteen. And they don’t look as if they have a performance to prepare for. 

There is nothing wrong in dressing up for school. I believe everyone needs to look at least presentable. But don’t take it too far till others have to take a double look and give you the ‘what-were-you-thinking’ look.

If all haven’t noticed, students are some of the nastiest commenters. Me included.

There is of course, the other extreme end. They look as if they didn’t even bother washing up before coming for class. They just took ‘the-out-of-bed’ look a little too far by literally, getting out of bed and going off straight to school.

But I guess these fashion faux do provide us some comic relief from our unbelievable educational demands.


A whirlwind of abuse

Posted in Funny on Thursday, July 12, 2007 by Syazana

 Sometimes last minute projects can be really fun and stressful.

And the products are really good.

Imagine, we finished filming a video and finalising all the slides in less than a week.

The video was done in less than 2 days.

It is great when you have group members who have the same working style as you.

It was difficult, at first, as we had 2 new group members who none of us worked with before. But I guess they had to more or less follow our style. Well, really hope the hard work pays off.

Watch it!

Posted in Funny on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Syazana

My juniors wanted me to watch it. And i think it is really hilarious. U guys are hilarious too.