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Protected: at least change for the better

Posted in hurt, stress, unstable on Thursday, June 28, 2007 by Syazana

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It was fcuk-ing great time

Posted in Confused on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by Syazana

If u were to wake up on the wrong side of the bed on a particular day, does that mean u will have a bad day?

And what if u only have one side of the bed to wake up from? Will it make u immune to bad days?

But i only have one side of the bed to wake up from. And i still have bad days.

To begin with, slept really late last nite trying to complete my website design assignment. Submitted my URL to the lecturer through e-mail. And had to wake up early for a project mtg in sch.

 And so the bad day began…

In sch, while checking through my mail, found out that my website has been rejected. For a reason which I myself don’t comprehend. I was panicking in e-plaza while sk and michelle were trying to calm me down. Friends give u the most clear-headed suggestions when ur mind is in a turmoil. So we went to see the lecturer in question. Had to explain to him that I didn’t use any whatever-shit template that he mentioned. And that i got those information from other websites and hosted them myself. Guess my innocence really showed and he believed me after asking me to log into my account.

Then next came the bad news about our final year project(fyp). We have to submit and prepare a proposal presentation which is due in 2 weeks. And now she tells us that we need to conduct a pilot test survey. That leaves us like a week to conduct the survey among the working radiation therapists, compile the findings and study them so that we could include it in our presentation. Seriously, if we didn’t ask our supervisor, none of us wld have known abt it. She figured we wld have six sense to conduct it.

And with all that frustration and angst in me, only retail therapy works. So me and tsh slug our sorry asses to town trying to beat the Mango-crazy crowd. Our mission was to shop at all the Mangos around town. The prices are really slashed, the crowd’s manageable, but the clothes are simply atrocious. Me and tsh were like ‘What’s happening to Mango? It must be cos all these M***** are wearing them now. Gosh! But the clothes are all so…. No words can explain how disappointed I was. The love I have for Mango is unquestionable, same goes for Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, and so on.  At that moment, it seems like even my last resort to remain sane backed out on me.

We gave up after the second Mango store. Had a mexican lunch from taco bell and headed down to Tangs. Embracing ourselves for the mega-cool sale and no crowd over at Tangs. But, we were let down again. No sale and without it everything is out of our affordable price range. Decided that Wisma will be our last hope before we head home. Shopped a bit at topshop and casually walked into fcuk. And then it all began….


I am $140 poorer

We had a huge smile on our faces all the way home. Proudly holding on to our $250 worth of fcuk-ing great stuff.

That only provided us an escape from reality for awhile. Now its back to reality.

And I chance upon something that made me all emotional and hurt all over again. I thought I didn’t care. But i guess u cannot get rid of it totally.


Deb’s Retro Getaway

Posted in Happy on Monday, June 25, 2007 by Syazana


Club 21 is happy to welcome its newest member, Deborah Tan.She can now place her votes for the opposition, club in exclusive joints like velvet and brix and will be tried as an adult in the high court if she commits a murder.

Retro all the way. The party was just fun fun fun. Lots of great food and great people. But I still love the food more. There was even a live show of a satay man grilling all the satays and my favourite, Deb we love u even more for this, she even had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. It was just sinful.


Heaven… I’m in heaven


SJC Girls….. 5 Years on


Don’t worry Sally… We ate ur share


Band of White Bandits

We decided to have some fun with deb’s present. Firstly, we didn’t give it to her as soon as we arrived. Actually, we waited till almost the end. We further tortured her by hiding her present on the windowsill outside. There is actually a video of her searching the whole room and looking really agitated. Shall upload it another time.


Guess where she found it?

And Deb known to be the sweetest among all of us, wrote a heartfelt thank u card for each of us. We totally loved it!


Terence (he is very sweet though) can never make up for Sally. We miss Sally!

Other than the absence of our dear Sally, it was a totally retro party. We were all suffering from Sunday Night Fever.

Well Deb, I hope u had a great time too. Happy 21st Bdae! And let’s celebrate more bdaes together.

Protected: In God’s Hands

Posted in At peace on Friday, June 22, 2007 by Syazana

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Cos it’s Ladies Nite….

Posted in Impulsive on Thursday, June 21, 2007 by Syazana

FUN- Fantastically Understated Nonsense

That’s just sums up last nite. It was Indian’s belated birthday celebration. Made a reservation at an Indian restaurant along Clarke Quay. We had indian food galore. The buffet spread included tandoori chicken, assorted naan, some goatcheese curry, briyani and a whole lot more indian dishes. But the Gulab Jamun was just the best. It was simply Heaven. So after gorging ourselves with oh-so-lovely-artery-clogging-sinful food, we decided to take a walk around Clarke Quay. Oh my! I have never been more proud of our little sunny island until last nite. It was just beautiful. The riverside was just glowing from the night scene. Walking through Clarke Quay actually made me feel like I was in a different country. Those huge umbrella-like shelters that would actually change colours and the Mediterranean pubs actually had belly dancers (unfortunately they were Chinese belly dancers with no bellies). The plan was to actually just show Indian the sights and sounds of Clarke Quay. Actually we just wanted to show her where and what the clubs looks like since she is clueless about clubbing. There was no intention to actually enter a club and actually club for that matter. So we showed her Gotham, Clinic, Fashion Bar & Kandi Bar, Forbidden City and Phuture. But how could we not show her Ministry of Sound-MOS! So all of us excitedly brought her there. Just to reiterate, last nite was Ladies Nite. And the queue at MOS was surprisingly short for a Ladies Nite! Next thing we know, we were in the queue to enter MOS!! The decision was made in an impulse. There was definitely no turning back for Indian. And the rest of the nite continues with loads of fun! Needless to say, Indian had the best birthday celebration ever. She told me that herself.  


 Happy Birthday Indian!


Give me a smile!


FUN-Fantastically Understated Nonsense


Do we look better in UV light?


Radioactive Girls




Reminisce the past

Posted in Resolved on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 by Syazana

I just had a ‘what-was-i-like-before’ moment. It was hard to actually delete the old blog. I just realise that I held on to that particular blog for almost 5 years. It is actually quite heartbreaking to let it go. Reading my previous entries made me wonder ‘what-was-i-thinking’ and did I actually wrote those entries. In my first few entries, I actually greeted my readers Assalammualaikum. Although it is not a bad thing, but if u all come to realise,it is not me at all. And some entries actually bring tears to my eyes. The entries in it holds all of my precious memories together. Moments that couldn’t be brought back. It has to remain as memories from now on.

Moving on is never easy. And till this moment, I am still learning the art of moving on without getting all sappy. But I guess we have to give up something to eventually achieve our goal. Hence, I have to leave all those memories, happy and sad behind. Will treat this as a new beginning and just hope for the best. I know I demand alot from myself and others as well. And this might have just lead to the state I am in. But I can’t change that fact cos that is who i am. And i don’t think it is fair to myself to try and change me. Hence, all i can do now is pray and try to improve. But i am always thankful to Him for what he has bestowed upon me, good or bad.  

Change is necessary

Posted in Moved on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 by Syazana

And so i’ve made the move over to wordpress. Blogger has recently been a fucked-up tart. The look of my previous blog just look so wrong. Even after i tried to edit lots of stuff. I couldn’t even space out my paragraphs. And i like the fact that wordpress offers password protected entries. I do have privacy issues. And only a selected few would understand. Hence, only these selected few need to know the intimate details. And now I can rant and not worry…. I finally have a spot where I can feel free to express myself.